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Attracting talent with engaging media

Attracting talent can be made easier with engaging media and interesting employer branding video.

One of the key things to remember about the job application process is that it’s a two way process. Whilst you must ensure the candidate is right for your organization and its needs, something has to be offered that will make the candidate sure that they are applying to a great place to work. This is important, not only to ensure your get a broad range of applicants, but also because it will help keep retention rates high, reducing your overall hiring costs.

Starbucks: Early in Careers at Starbucks

Starbucks Careers

Many organizations are making use of videos to show potential candidates what it’s like to work in their offices. And with the rise of social recruiting, these videos are reaching a wider audience as they are easily shared across social media. Videos are great as they provide an opportunity for candidates to see your physical workplace for themselves, whilst also providing you with the chance to showcase interview with your current employees.

Rackspace: A Day in the Life

Starbucks Careers

Of course, for videos to be effective, they must be done right. Avoiding drab, corporate-style videos which lack imagination are a sure fire way of putting of talented applicants. Likewise, trying to be too quirky can give an impression that too much effort is going into giving a false impression of the workplace.

Innocent Innocent Glee club perform Bad Romance

Starbucks Careers

How successful do you think the included examples have been in encouraging potential employees to apply for roles in their organization?