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Increasing employee referrals in the healthcare industry: RolePoint & HealthSouth

Increasing employee referrals in the healthcare industry can be tricky given the diversity of the workforce, both in terms of function and also location. However, here at RolePoint, we are working successfully with some of the biggest names in healthcare.

RolePoint is proud to have been working with HealthSouth since 2014. Through our partnership, HealthSouth have seen a dramatic increase in employee referrals as well as engagement with the employee referral program.

This is due not only to the simplicity and functionality of the platform, but also the fantastic campaigns we have worked on together to help encourage HealthSouth employees across the USA to refer their qualified contacts for open poitions at the company.

I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of HealthSouth hospitals in Nevada earlier this year and spoke to some of their employees about their experiences with RolePoint.

RolePoint & HealthSouth: Increasing Employee Referrals in the Healthcare Industry

RolePoint HealthSouth Employee Referrals

You can also learn more about how we have been boosting employee referrals in the healthcare and hospital industry at this link.