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Free webinar: How to Overcome the 7 Employee Referral Program Killers

We’ve reflected a lot on what factors make employee referral programs fail - it is what has helped us innovate our referrals software and advise our users on best practice. During our research, we have identified 7 key mistakes that are often made when implementing a managing a referral program that cause it to fall below expectations.

Join referrals expert Bill Boorman on Thursday, December 5th, to improve your 2014 employee referral program by avoiding these common mistakes.

  • Taking place at 11am PST, Thursday December 5th, you will Learn:

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes companies make that stop your employees referring

  • How to use non-financial rewards and gamification to boost engagement

Why social referrals can hugely increase the reach of your referral program

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